Our Social Services


Without Colour/ Caste/ Religion/ Ereed etc.,.

1. Abandoned Ladies & Windows.

2. New Life to Street beggers.

3. Peoples those who are Mentally Disorders.

4. For the purpose of Village developments.

5. Helping to the people those who are having Bullocks, Cows & Goats.

6. Reform action cultivation and Rejenuvation of Agriculture.

7. Converting of all old Asbestos sheet house & Container house.

8. Disabilities for Handicapped.

9. Old age Homes & Orphanages.

10. Youth Programmes & Community development progammes..

11. AIDS awarness programmes.

12. Medical help.

13. Hut Renovation.

14. Educating poor peoples.

15. To help the people affected by natural calamities such as floor, fire, Cyclone, Drought, Famine, Earth Quake, Epidemnic storm, accident, Pestilence, Stunami etc.,.

16. To help the Tribal.

17. To establish and/ or maintain and/or support centres for the prevention of Alchohol and Drug Adiction .

18. Manpower suppliers/ Skilled / Non-skilled.


20.Employement opportuinty for un-employed poverty peoples in our poultry firms.

21.Trainining for tailoring womens.

22.COMPUTER Education to poor and educated persons.

23.Helping for the un married persons in our area.

24.Agriculture development in our rural area.

25.Marriage beuerah-all over India

26.Supporting and helping for the poor farmers

27.Development of cattle field in our area

28.Maintaining of MAHALEER SUYA UDHAVY KULU in our districts

29.Helping to the mentally retard and disabilities also

30.Rehabitation center for drug/alchohol addicts

31.Road development of our nearby villages

32.Cleaning of our village streets

33.Monthly chit-fund scheme for local poor peoples

34.Renovating of roofs and buildings for hut home

35.Providing container house for north Indian workers

36.Teaching for illetrate/old person in our districts

37.Free tution & education for poor students

38.Protecting animals and birds and giving shelter

39.Planting of clonel trees to keep our soil and nation and maintaining

40.Providing water fecilities for all nearby villages

41.Awarnes to the peoples for HIV/AIDS

42.Blood banking

43.First-aid for accidental emergencies & arranging hospitalties

44.Sheltering for street beggers

45.Guidelines for farmers for selling and buying

46.Energising solar electricity for hut services

47.Encouraging and quiding of small growers in both agriculture and business

48.Supporting to the inter-caste marriages apart from language/religlon

Our Recent Social Activities:-

Mr. Kaviarasan,
aged 19 years old is studying BE- final year. Mechanical
Engineering in SCAD
institute in Vagai kulam near Tuticorin Air port.
We helped him from his first standard at our own cost. His father is a sickbed
person and unable to work. We gave employment in our poultry firm. His mother
is a handicapped. His particulars are attached here with.

2.Here is only a girl age
20 years old named as mentioned in the wedding letter was without marriage due
to poverty. We arranged marriage through our marriage bureau and conducted  marriage in our own expenses Particulars’ are

3.There is a girl got more
marks in +2 exam and was unable to study higher studies. We arranged to get
admission in Madurai medical college for BSC nursing courses .Please help her
to continue her studies.

4.Another girl requested us to help her to run family as
her mother died in lightning effect, last month as per magazine attached here

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